The Side of a Rock Island Caboose

As the world transportation industries continue to evolve, it is important not to forget our past. Today, railroads serve a key role in the global economy. Not so long ago, they were the dominant player transporting goods and services to even the most remote locations. During the evolution of rail, we left behind a huge network of former right-of-ways and stopped serving towns that formed only because of the rail that once served them.

This site is dedicated to the preservation of the memories as well as to explore the impact these fallen flags and lost rails have on today’s society. As humans age, memory fades. We hope this site will, in some small way, help us remember with pride what once was and to help us avoid the mistakes of the past. I want it to be more than just a collection of railroad maps

[map id=”map01″ z=”5″ w=”600″ h=”300″ kml=”http://shadowsoftrains.org/kml/all/all08.kml”]

Stay tuned to see what track we take. What we want is a site to host all the data as we collect it. We also hope you add your memories and knowledge!

-H. Michael Miley


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