Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary Railway – CM&G – The Gary Line


Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary Railway – The Gary Line

I saw several small connections on the MILW on the Historical Development map including a couple of branches between Joliet and Delmar as well as Dekalb to the southern mainline. In researching these, I came across the Abandoned Rails website. So, all that I know about this line came from Thanks for the lesson and I hope I added to your body of work well.

Notice the gap between Joliet and Aurora. The CMG acquired trackage rights between these areas by way of the EJ&E

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According to them:

1904 Built as The Illinois, Iowa & Minnesota Railway

1908 Renamed the CM&G Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary Railway

1922 Leased by The Milwaukee Road

1930 Bought by the Milwaukee Road

Abandonment from 1930 to 1980

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  1. I’m trying to locate any photos of the Chicago Milwaukee & Gary locomotives that operated between Momence, IL. & Joliet, IL. It ran thru a corner of my grandfather’s farm in Andres, IL. (Peotone Twp.) I have some vague childhood memories from the mid to late 60’s, but have been unable to find any pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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