New Old Line: PLZ&W

Happy Father’s Day!

I had a little time to sit down and create a map for a line I never knew existed… even though I used to live about a mile from it’s right of way. The Palatine, Lake Zurich & Wauconda PLZ&W (or PLZW) was a surprise to me when I watched Jeffery Bear’s documentary on Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. They mentioned the line and I had NO idea it existed. So, I quickly did some research and threw together a map in Google Earth. Of course, I updated the “All” map to include it.

Not a bad way to spend Father’s Day!


By Mike Miley

Mike is the founder of Shadows of Trains and is an all-around transportation nut. The idea for this site started when Mike was out flying and saw a trail head off into the distance and wondered "what is that?" This translated into using web maps to chart his curiosities.

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