November 2014 updates

After the long break and then so many updates a month ago, I’m thrilled to get a bunch of details added back in. Essentially, I was able to recreate much of what I lost when Google Earth crashed and lost a days work. My goal was very tight alignment of the tracks and stations on the CGW branches to Chicago, Kansas City, and Minneapolis. Things should be much more exact now… though I still haven’t found a good source of details for exactly where the stations sat.

My next efforts will be to finish the stations out to Omaha, get the area around Red Wing sorted out, and get the alignment and stations correct to Mankato. After that, the basic Chicago Great Western lines will be complete.

So, have a look at the changes and let me know what I need to fix:

Chicago Great Western CGW

Norfolk Southern & the Wabash line



– November 2014 Updates

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