March Updates

March Updates

I’m thrilled to say that I was able to finish much of the Chicago Great Western‘s Omaha branch. The alignment should be better and there are stations listed through South Omaha.. not that I have a clue where the station used to be. Finding it’s exact location is much further down on the list. Next up is to continue what I outlined in November: get the area around Red Wing sorted out, and get the alignment and stations correct to Mankato. I also need to update the stations list I started since I found some “new” ones (like South Omaha) that weren’t on newer timetables.

So look for changes yet to come and enjoy the emerging spring!


By Mike Miley

Mike is the founder of Shadows of Trains and is an all-around transportation nut. The idea for this site started when Mike was out flying and saw a trail head off into the distance and wondered "what is that?" This translated into using web maps to chart his curiosities.


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