MILW Changes


Version 04 –  posted 11 Nov 2014 with

  • Added much greater detail to the route west of LaCrosse WI. Boy I would have liked to take that ride in the fall through those valleys!
[map id=”map04″ z=”5″ w=”600″ h=”300″ kml=””]

 Version 03 –  posted 7 Jan 2012 with
  • much detail in Illinois
  • added links south into Indiana
  • MILW now includes former  Gary Line [Illinois, Iowa & Minnesota Railway II&R and Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary Railway CM&G. be sure to look at the CJ&E to see where the CM&G had trackage rights]

many thanks to the information at for teaching me a little something

[map id=”map03″ z=”5″ w=”600″ h=”300″ kml=””]

Version 02 –  posted 30 December 2011 with more lines in western Iowa and connecting Chicago to Rapid City

[map id=”map02″ z=”5″ w=”600″ h=”300″ kml=””]

Version 01 – Minor updates from the initial posting

[map id=”map01″ z=”5″ w=”600″ h=”300″ kml=””]


Version 00 – Initial Posting from 2008 with a minimum of detail. Mostly information of where it crosses the CGW

[map id=”map001″ z=”5″ w=”600″ h=”300″ kml=””]





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