Rock Island – RI


Map of the Rock Island Railroad Historical Map

This map is just starting.. LOTS of work to do!


Version 04

22 March 2015 – minor alignment changes in Iowa

[map id=”map4″ z=”5″ w=”600″ h=”300″ kml=””]


Version 03

12 Nov 2014 – added a very few small areas in central Iowa

[map id=”map3″ z=”5″ w=”600″ h=”300″ kml=””]


Version 2

9 Nov 2014 – Brought it into alignment with what was shown in the “All” map. Note that is now shows part of the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railway Company

[map id=”map2″ z=”5″ w=”600″ h=”300″ kml=””]

updated to version 1 on 5 June 2011

Initial Posting

[map id=”map1″ z=”5″ w=”600″ h=”300″ kml=””]
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