CGW Changes

Version 09 – Posted 1 June 2017


Version 08 – Posted 22 March 2015
  • Minor realignment on KS branch
  • Tighter alignment for Council Bluffs Division to South Omaha
  • Added station placeholders across Council Bluffs Division
  • Added Lehigh Spur & stations

Version 07 – Posted 7 Dec 2014

  • CGW – Corrected CGW alignment from Osage to Rochester and Simpson to St Charles MN
  • CGW – Updated stations on KC branch
  • CGW – Added both original and modern route out of Kansas City
  • CGW – Added stations and realigned route from Oelwein to North Hanover
  • CGW – Added stations and realigned route from Oelwein to Minneapolis


16 Nov 2014 – added page with all CGW stations and if they appeared in the 1897, 1915, 1917, 1934, or 1955 maps


Version 06 – posted 12 Nov 2014

Updated Winona Branch for the route through Altura and Rollingstone

Updated Kansas City branch and included most stations in the a 1917 Timetable


Version 05 – posted 10 Nov 2014

Updated route from Des Moines to Kansas City based on feedback from reader comments (thanks Luke & Tom!)



Version 04 – posted 30 December 2011

Updated route from Waterloo to Des Moines based on feedback from reader comments (thanks Tom!). I’ll be adding known stations soon.

Version 03 – posted 11 June 2011

Corrected route from Oelwein to Dubuque including adding references to several stations found in the Rand McNally 1903 book



Version 02 – never got posted


Version 01 – Initial Posting

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