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Map of the Chicago Great Western – CGW


updated 1 June 2017 to v9. Small change to adjust the Sycamore to Decalb branch. Direct link to the KML file:

updated 22 March 2015 to v8. The main goal was to add the remaining stations and tighten the alignment on the branch to South Omah. Direct link to the KML file:

updated 7 Dec 2014 to v7 with many route and stations changes from Kansas City to Minneapolis and more including adding both original and modern route out of Kansas City CGW. Direct link to KML file:

updated 12 Nov 2014 to v6 with an updated route to Winona that now doesn’t follow the CNW tracks. At some point I’ll separate this out to the Winona and Western to give that line it’s due (and to deal with the later abandonment). For now, it’s all there. Anyone know where the station was in Winona? I just can’t find it.

Also, anyone have a history of the route through the canyon east of Altura MN? It’s A double wye on the north side but then it’s obvious that the south side got it’s own through tracks. Let me guess.. it started as a simple spur from Altura to the Bear Creek area via the north side of the canyon to help with logging or some other industry. Then the Wynona and Western decided to put in a trestle to the south side so they could continue east… but that meant a wye and that meant they needed another wye closer to town so they wren”t gong backwards for miles. Later they or the CGW decided to get rid of the wyes and cut into the south side for one smooth route. Close? Ideas?

updated 10 Nov 2014 to v5 with many changes to the Des Moines to Kansas City route

updated 9 Nov 2014 to V4 note: the fourth version has actually been on this site since 30 Dec 2011 but wasn’t connected correctly on this page. It was, however, part of the “All” map. Sorry if that caused confusion

updated 30 Dec 2011 to cgw v3


  2 Responses to “CGW Map”

  1. Hey, Mike.
    Haven’t checked in again for a while…
    Did you revert back to an earlier version of the map? The line from Marshalltown to Des Moines appears to be moved. It now runs along highway 330.

    • Hi Tom
      Sorry I haven’t been working on the site in a while (new jobs. teenagers. life) and I’m just getting to this.

      The version that showed it along highway 330 was corrected back in Dec of 2011 but I didn’t change the map here until today. The “updated” version 4 is now shown on this page just as it was in the “All” map.

      Thanks for your input!

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