Changes to Map of All Lines

I try to keep the “All Lines” map up to date whenever I update the rest of the site. Sorry if I miss an update
Version 09 – Posted 1 June 2017
CGW – Minor realignment on north end of the Sycamore-Decalb spur
KML files that changed: All09.kml, CGW09.kml

Version 08 – Posted 22 March 2015

RI – Tighter alignment in Iowa
CGW – Minor realignment on KS branch
CGW – Tighter alignment for Council Bluffs Division to South Omaha
CGW – Added station placeholders across Council Bluffs Division
CGW – Added Lehigh Spur & stations
KML files that changed: All08.kml, CGW08.kml, RI04.kml

Version 07 – Posted 7 Dec 2014

  • CGW – Corrected CGW alignment from Osage to Rochester and Simpson to St Charles MN
  • CGW – Updated stations on KC branch
  • CGW – Added both original and modern route out of Kansas City
  • CGW – Added stations and realigned route from Oelwein to North Hanover
  • CGW – Added stations and realigned route from Oelwein to Minneapolis
  • MILW – updated some MILW sections in Iowa
  • NS (NEW!) – Added Wabash branch from Omaha to Moberly
KML files that changed: all07, CGW07, and wabash01 (new)

Version 06 – Posted 13 Nov 2014 – My largest update yet
  • CGW – updated approach to Winona (needs stations)
  • CGW – Added stations down to Kansas City and fine tuned the route
  • MILW – Added details west of La Crosse
  • CNW – extended north/south in central Iowa
  • RI – added a couple of small areas in Iowa

Separated out the Interurban lines that were in the “all” map and am making individual pages for them. Really.. I had no idea I hadn’t already done that. All of this started with the interurbans so I’m not sure what happened. This includes:

  • AE&FRE – Aurora Elgin & Fox River Electric Company
  • CAE – Chicago Aurora & Elgin
  • CSL – Chicago Surface Lines (not really interurban but it is the grandfather of Chicago public transportation)
  • CNS – Chicago North Shore. Added initial paths to existing stations. I’m sure it’s a mess especially around Great Lakes and the North Chicago junction as well as where it ran in Milwaukee

Version 05 – Npt sure I ever linked the various pages to it

Version 04 – Posted 17 June 2012
You can thank WTTW’s Jeffry Bear for mentioning this line in his show or I wouldn’t know to add it!

Version 03 – Posted 7 Jan 2012
many thanks to the information at for teaching me a little something

Version 02 – posted 30 Dec 2011

shows updates from MILW v3 and CGW v4



Version 01 – Initial Posting





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