Site Changes

22 March 2015 – posted Version 08 of the all map including
RI – Tighter alignment in Iowa
CGW – Minor realignment on KS branch
CGW – Tighter alignment for Council Bluffs Division to South Omaha
CGW – Added station placeholders across Council Bluffs Division
CGW – Added Lehigh Spur & stations
KML files that changed: All08.kmlCGW08.kmlRI04.kml
[map id=”map08″ z=”5″ w=”600″ h=”300″ kml=””]


7 Dec 2014 – posted All Version 07

  • CGW – Corrected CGW alignment from Osage to Rochester and Simpson to St Charles MN
  • CGW – Updated stations on KC branch
  • CGW – Added both original and modern route out of Kansas City
  • CGW – Added stations and realigned route from Oelwein to North Hanover
  • CGW – Added stations and realigned route from Oelwein to Minneapolis
  • MILW – updated some MILW sections in Iowa
  • NS (NEW!) – Added Wabash branch from Omaha to Moberly
KML files that changed: all07, CGW07, and wabash01 (new)

(I missed a few here. sorry)

10 June 2011 – Updated CGW Map and added basic description of CGW. Added page of CGW Changes. Added page with large map of CGW. Posted “CGW Changes“. Moved CGW kml files into sub directory and started numbering versions so we can tell them apart in the change log.

08 June 2011 – Blog “Where to Start

05 June 2011 – Initial Site Creation, Many pages created, blog “Waiting for Orders

30 Dec 2011 – updated CGW map. Updated MILW map and created change log. updated the “All Lines” map and added change log. Moved All and MILW kml files into subdirectories and started numbering versions.

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